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Pavillions 21

Pavillions 21

Hello Whitsunday Team. Sorry for my late response, my email account has been down and now I’m surfing through 200 emails to reply. We had a fantastic time on our Whitsunday holiday (9th June – 16th June). Despite it raining nearly every day we had a ball. Of course staying at Pavillions 21 made the holiday (especially in the rain) so much more enjoyable.

We snuggled up on the couch overlooking the harbor with a coffee and watched the rain fall. The kitchen was amazing in the way it was stocked. A big thank you to the owner of the property. My children have food allergies which means that I have to prepare all of their food. This has been a challenge in the past with limited cooking utensils when on holiday. I don’t think that there was anything that the kitchen didn’t have.

The bedrooms were very spacious, which was terrific for our two wheelchairs guys. We also loved the very comfortable outdoor furniture and the options of seating on the patio. I had breakfast in all three areas, which had a very homely feeling to it indeed. Most importantly, the apartment had enough entertainment in it to keep a 4 year old, a 6 year old and a 9 year old amused in the wet weather. Oh, and I loved the stocked bookshelf. I can’t remember that being mentioned in the paperwork, but if it isn’t, it would be a great idea to let people know. I did take several books with me to read to the kids at night, but they just wanted to select their own from the shelf – perfect. That was a most impressive touch, as too was the jig-saw puzzle which kept us all busy!!!

Look, if I had to mention one thing that was missing that I would have liked to have had, it would have been some pegs. Our husbands raced in the outrigger paddling event and they put their wet gear on the racks provided, however due to the wind and the rain they kept blowing off. But if a bucket of pegs is all that we could fault, then tell the owner they are doing extremely well.

That was, by far the best family holiday that we have had to date. We are off to the UK next year, so I’m not sure if we will be at the Hamilton event, however in future years, we would love to stay at Pavillions 21 again. Your might also wish to mention on the website how wheelchair friendly the apartment is. When we did a search for apartments, it was really difficult to tell which ones had stairs or a lift, or flat inside the space. That could be a great selling point for wheelchair clients.

Also, I would just like to mention the great service that we had from the Whitsunday Team. We were kept up-to-date and informed of specifics on the island which was a fantastic help. The lady that collected us at the airport was FANTASTIC. We had so much luggage for the paddling event and she was great at helping us to our apartment and settling in.

I’m so glad that I selected to go with your company and Pavillions. Seven other people’s experiences were counting on my decision and I’m happy to say that nobody was disappointed!

Cheers Sarah